Welcome to WINHAL!

We aim to create an environment in which your furniture is of lasting and exceptional quality and design. Through the promotion of traditional craftsmanship we conserve the timehonoured skills of professionals.

The company’s origin

The original idea was to offer hand-crafted furniture in a variety of styles. Also the desire to build up a team of selected craftsmen who produce quality products in the vicinity of the customer. And last but not least the company founder´s passion for wood and 20 years of experience in designing and creating furniture. This tradition of working with wood goes back to the 17th century when the founders ancestors, a family called Winterhalter from the Black Forest, would go out looking for fine timber and then proceed to handcraft it into beautiful pieces of furniture.

WINHAL today:

Get to know a company which is committed to offering you excellent service and high quality products with special attention to your own wishes and ideas.

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